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BC’s Sullivan brothers take BMX stunt skills across country

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Evan and Spencer Sullivan of Bay City show off their skills doing stunts on BMX bikes. These stunts are a part of shows and demonstrations the Sullivans have taken part in across the country. Photos courtesy of Brenda Flo.3 / 3

BAY CITY – The special part of doing stunts and tricks on a BMX bike is the reaction you get.

That’s part of what Spencer Sullivan loves about such stunt riding, especially when he performs for all-school assemblies.

“The kids mouths drop when they see you do it,” 21-year old Spencer said. “Some of them they can’t even watch. But they still come up to you and ask for your autograph afterwards.”

It was the same reaction his  15-year old younger brother Evan ( a student at Plum City High School) had watching his brother perform some of the same tricks outside their home, which encouraged him to take up the same sport.

“Spencer wanted Evan to come out of the house and watch him do a trick,” their mother Brenda Flo said. “He did and he taught it to him and they’ve been together riding since then.”

It’s gotten them to ride together in various competitions across the region and be a part of touring shows as well.

“For me, it’s just been something from the beginning with bikes, ever since I had the training wheels taken off when at two-years old. “ Spencer said.

“Doing the tricks just gets you motivated,” Evan said.

Spencer has been riding for about 10 years and Evan around five years. They’ve competed together in judged events at the O-T-P (Over-The-Top) Park in Zumbro Falls, Minn. the Summit Skate Park in Lake Elmo, Minn. and at Bluff Valley and have won various trophies, plaques, shirts, even a bike. They’ve sharpened their stunt and trick skills at home either on their own ramp or just in the streets and the curbs in town.

“I like to ride wherever I can,” Evan said. “In the street, the park and the ramp too.”

Besides the stunt competitions, both have toured in stunt shows in Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and local shows at festivals and fairs in the Twin Cities metro. Spencer is a part of the Rich Wieber Bicycle Stunt Shows ( based out of Andover, Minn., which has done countless shows at the Minnesota State Fair and local sporting events but has whole school assembly programs which deal with bike safety, drug and alcohol awareness and anti-bullying efforts.

“I had friends who were into trick and stunt riding and I followed along and I stuck with it,” Spencer said. “I just kept going with.”

Besides the performance aspect, Spencer loves the aspect of being able to perform tricks he’s never done before.

“It’s fun learning something new and accomplishing something you never tried before,” Spencer said, “or something you didn’t think you could make.”

Both Sullivans ride custom made bikes they’ve helped put together themselves.

“Everything is custom,” Spencer said. “The bike is more solid, it’s stronger and it does more.”

“I’ve built my own,” Evan said. “Sometimes it’s just with hand-me-down parts I’ve put together.”

Spencer said his favorite is a 360 degree backflip while Evan likes a backflip or a 720.