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Successful hunters can donate deer to needy through local processors

Archer Ryan Magee of River Falls harvested this trophy buck Friday, Nov. 14 just east of River Falls. McGee said the 11-pointer scored 162 5/8". Submitted photo.

Deer hunters who wind up with too much venison are invited to help feed needy people throughout Wisconsin by donating deer through processors who have agreed to accept them.

The program is funded by hunter donations and Wisconsin's Wildlife Damage Fund.

To participate, hunters are urged to field dress and register the animal at a DNR registration station, then call one of the area processors before dropping off to make sure they have space to accept the deer.

Among area deer processors who will accept donated animals:

Pierce Pierce County Meats, East Ellsworth, 715-273-4741; Ptacek's IGA, Prescott, 715-262-5636.

St. Croix Deer's Food Locker, Deer Park, 715-269-5118; Glenwood City Lockers, Glenwood City, 715-265-4833; Kessler Processing, Glenwood City, 715-265-4248; Powers Wild Game, New Richmond, 715-377-3291.

Polk Amery Meat Market, Amery, 715-268-7515; Swank's Meats, St. Croix Falls, 715-483-3386; Van Meter's Meats, Luck, 715-472-2141.

Dunn Bri's Processing, Colfax, 715-962-3825; Spring Brook Meats, Elk Mound, 715-664-8585.

The Wisconsin DNR is also urging hunters to remember the four key rules ("TAB-K") taught to every hunter education student:

T- Treat every firearm as if it is loaded

A- Always point the muzzle in a safe direction

B - Be certain of your target and beyond

K- Keep your finger outside the trigger guard until you're ready to fire.

"Wisconsin is one of the safest places in the world to hunt deer and this is no accident," said WDNR Secretary Cathy Stepp.

Chief Warden Todd Schaller also encourages hunters to visit the DNR web site to learn about the many rule changes this year. Find it at

Also, hunters and all Wisconsinites are encouraged to help protect Wisconsin's natural resources and to know they can notify authorities anytime with a phone call or text to 800-847-9367 if they witness violations occurring.