In a way, Jason Reeverts is on his own in running a business, but in another way, he isn't.

The certified technician began a vehicle repair shop in East Ellsworth this summer, the first time he's operated one himself. Yet, he's being joined on the premises by another family member in a related field--vehicle restoration.

If the Reeverts name sounds familiar, it's because his brother, Ron, brought Red Neck Kustoms to the same location in March. Since July, the siblings have shared the facility which once housed part of Fullerton Lumber for their respective enterprises.

"I've had a want (owning a repair shop) for four or five years," Jason Reeverts said Thursday, adding, "but this was unexpected."

The owner of Jason's Auto Repair explained he'd been working with a couple of other technicians at a shop in Hugo, Minn., when a tornado hit that community this summer. The storm sufficiently damaged his previous workplace so it wasn't usable due to mold and the like. Fortunately, neither he nor the other employees there were injured, as the bad weather occurred on a weekend, but he no longer had a job location.

Meantime, Ron Reeverts' partners in the local restoration outlet had left him, so he offered the sharing arrangement, his brother said. The restorer was taking on construction projects and needed a reason to return anyway.

"I'm back," he said to indicate the arrangement is now mutually beneficial to both. When the construction season ends, he plans to spend even more time in the shop, he added.

A further motive for the offer might be access to the equipment accompanying Jason's Auto Repair. Its owner said he has a hoist, a scan tool, wiring diagrams and more.

"I do a little diagnosis," he said, noting he specialized in electrical while still in school, though enjoys variety in his repair jobs, which locally have included motors, transmissions, brakes and more so far.

Tire work is a coming addition to the operation, he said. With it, he'll introduce mounting and balancing equipment. He's discussed the prospects with representatives of Tire One and Samaritan.

His brother's regular absences to go do construction have meant occasionally closing the shop doors, particularly if he has to get a vehicle towed, the technician said. He recommends the public call 273-4352 for appointments; otherwise, the hours he tries to keep are from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

"My rates are reasonable," he said.

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