PRESCOTT--When building a house, how does a product that is more energy efficient, productive and reduce costs sound?

There is a product out there that meets those standards, but can't be grown in the United States.

A local man is one of many working to change that.

Ken Anderson, owner of Ken's Motor Works in Prescott, was one of the organizers last month at a home-building project at W12904 680th Ave. in the Town of Clifton, highlighting the benefits of HempStone.

HempStone is a wall component made from hemp and lime. It is designed to encase a framed structure, has great insulative properties, yet allows air to exchange in the house without worries of mildew or fire. When the fibers are mixed with lime and a bit of water, the hemp mixture sets up like concrete. The mixture, however, is seven times lighter than concrete.

"This is taking 'green' to the next level," Anderson said.

So what's the catch? Anderson answers it simply.

For more please read the July 4 print version of the Herald.