Roberts' generosity goes toward clothing needy

By Bill Kirk

GRANGE HALL--A well-known expression of generosity says "he'd give you the shirt off his back."

In Phil Roberts' case, the shirts he's giving come from his back room. And it's not just one, but nearly 3,000 since he began the giveaway earlier this month.

"I've delivered a couple thousand over the last two weeks," Roberts said Thursday.

The primary recipient of the high-quality sweatshirts he's long had in storage has been the Plum City Food Shelf, he said. He wanted to do something with the merchandise and had been considering donating it in the Twin Cities, figuring there would be more need in that bigger-population area. Eventually, he got in contact with Leonard Dodson of Plum City's shelf and found he could achieve a similar result closer to home.

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