The name on the store's sign may be familiar to many persons who have walked or driven down Main Street, and to customers who've visited and shopped there.

It's "Growing in Style," a children's clothing, toy and accessory shop, that's found next door to Subway restaurant.

Growing in Style, 209 N. Main St., was recently bought by Melissa Koepp, originally of Hammond, from former owner Laurie Berglund, who changed careers.

After about a month of structural alterations to the interior, fresh paint, new carpeting and new windows, Koepp opened for business on June 1.

And the changes didn't stop with those cosmetic modifications. Koepp has also revamped many of Growing in Style's offerings and policies.

First, Koepp has altered the name of the business to Riley's Growing in Style. That change will be reflected on a new sign coming soon.

She's also decided not to run the store with consignments. When persons with new or gently used items brings them to the store, Koepp will decide which items she'd like to buy from them and then pay what she calls a "negotiated price."

"We'll negotiate to find a fair price," said Koepp.

If she buys a seller's items, and, she says, "If it never sells, it's my loss. I'll never call you to come back and get your things."

If the seller prefers, they can accept in-store credit instead of a check as payment.

Koepp added that what doesn't sell, she'll pass on to charitable organizations.

Monthly drawings are also a new feature. Customers can sign up each month for a new prize. During June, customers have been entering their names to win a brand new kid's worktable set.

Two new offerings that have come about with the shop's structural alterations are the additions of a play area for little ones who accompany their parents, and a dressing room for privacy.

Koepp was able to make room for the two new spaces after tearing down a non-support wall in the shop.

That renovation also increased the floor space she now is using to display a much larger selection of clothing.

Koepp "inherited" a few clothes racks and a small bit of inventory when she took over the store, but that's all increased many times over as customers will see when they stop by.

"I've basically doubled the size of the store," said Koepp about the expansion.

Besides clothing for boys and girls, Koepp has various accessories for sale. Some include children's hats, picture frames, blankets, receiving blankets, diaper bags, party invitations, bath tubs, crib bumper pads and more. New and used toys and books round out the selection.

Before buying Growing in Style and becoming its owner, Koepp had worked as an in-patient pharmacy tech and personal care provider. She had always envisioned owning a business like Growing in Style. She says she was immediately drawn to the "for sale" sign sitting on the sidewalk when she happened upon it this spring.

"I literally walked into this business," says Koepp about that fateful day.

The young proprietor says besides the sales of her stock, she offers her customers "...all my personal attention." And she believes River Falls is a perfect fit for her business.

"The community is big enough and yet small enough to make (Growing in Style) work," she said.

Having been set up for less than a month, Koepp says she wants to tap the minds of customers in order to accommodate their needs.

"I'm open to any suggestions people might have about what I could do to improve or add to the store," she said. And she's hoping customers who are looking for children's clothing and items at affordable prices will stop by.

Riley's Growing in Style is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesdays through Fridays, and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays.

For more information, call Koepp at 715-220-5061 or send her an e-mail: