A state agency has penalized 3M-Cottage Grove for an environmental infraction.

3M Specialty Additives was fined $1,000 recently for an air quality violation in 2011, according to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

3M was using a trial form of a micro bead product that had a smaller diameter than the product it typically runs, and the smaller beads were not captured by the company’s filter system, said Lad Strzok, an environmental specialist at the Pollution Control Agency.

The product was run for approximately 10 hours on June 8, 2011. 3M exceeded an emission limit by roughly 150 percent in the incident.

“It exceeded regulatory limits but it wasn’t thought to be a significant event,” Strzok said.

The 3M fine was among 58 enforcement cases by the state agency in the fourth quarter of 2014. The $1,000 fine is among the smallest penalties leveled in that round of enforcement. The largest fine was $85,000.

“As far as an enforcement case, this is a very typical type of enforcement,” Strzok said.