The owners and chefs at Woodbury’s new Cien Tacos know a thing or two about Mexican cuisine. After all, four of the five grew up in Mexico, and authentic Mexican food is a way of life for them. 

Victor Yepez, Jose Yepez, Humberto Bustos, Oscar Bustos and Ben Berry are behind the new Cien Tacos, scheduled to open Aug. 24 in the Tamarack Hills commercial development. 

The owners know that Woodbury has other places that serve Mexican-style food. What will set Cien Tacos apart, Berry said, is that their food will be made in the traditional, authentic style with which his co-owners grew up.

“A lot of these other places cater to American tastes,” Berry said. “These guys got together and said, ‘We think Woodbury is ready for authentic Mexican. Nothing in this area has anything like that.’”

A lot of the recipes are family recipes, Jose Yepez said. The chefs - Humberto and Oscar Bustos - will use different kinds of meats, and different ways to prepare those meats. 

The menu will feature the usuals - burritos, enchiladas and so on - but it will also carry some unusual things, like Mexican sandwiches called tortas, a variety of Mexican soups, called pozole. 

“It’s based on what we like, what people like in Mexico,” Victor Yepez added. “I don’t think it was super tough to think about the menu. We grew up there, all of us. This is what we grew up with.”

And of course, the tacos. The tacos are the specialty, Jose Yepez said.

All of the food will be prepared from fresh ingredients. And the guacamole will be prepared right in front of the customers Jose Yepez said. 

The restaurant will be family friendly - in fact, Jose Yepez’s young son Christopher seems to think he’s going to help out around there, too - and will have a kids menu available. 

In planning beverages, the owners are sticking true to the authentic Mexican theme. They will offer a full line of 20-plus kinds of Mexican beers, from Corona to Estrella, and have a number of tequilas on hand, too. The margaritas will be made from fresh ingredients, not mixes, Berry added.

“The quality of our drinks is going to be a step up from what people are used to,” he said. 

This is a first-time business venture for most of the owners. Berry is an investor in the ownership of the nearby Tamarack Tap Room, but the other four are new to owning a business. Still, they have worked together for years in the restaurant industry, and they know what will work best to serve their customers. 

“They all have their own special skillset on what they specialize in,” Berry said. 

Cien Tacos is located at 803 Bielenberg Drive, Suite 101, in Woodbury. For information, call 651-414-9878, or visit