RIVER FALLS -- A new chiropractic is coming with an approach that may be new to many.

Patients won’t find any of the cracking or popping people typically associate with adjustments at Recharge Chiropractic on Main Street. Dr. Christian Neldeberg said Recharge is a neurological-based chiropractic that focuses on the function of the nervous system to address the root cause of a health concern. The nervous system controls and coordinates every function in the body, Neldeberg said, so if that one is functioning better all the systems connected to it will as well.

Instead of physical adjustments, he uses technology to assess the concern and then apply gentle, specific adjusting.

He has a special interest in helping those with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism and sensory processing disorders, but the practice serves people from all walks of life, he said.

In his earliest exposure to chiropractic work, Neldeberg said he was working as an assistant at an office when a woman dealing with infertility issues came in. She had tried other routes unsuccessfully. After seeing the chiropractor for seven months, Neldeberg said she was able to have her first child.

He was drawn in by the impact the work can have.

The business name comes from the idea that people should recharge themselves just as they do their phones. Neldeberg said he wants to be proactive with patient’s health instead of reactive.

“Our mission is to create a community where health is a necessity and not a commodity,” he said.

Neldeberg is originally from a small farm town in Iowa, where he graduated with a class of 13. He’s always loved the small-town feel in a community, but as he moved he ended up further and further away from that.

He attended Northwestern Health Science University in Bloomington. Then he met his future wife, who lives in the River Falls area. In his first visits to River Falls, he recognized the familiar small-town feel.

It was on one of these visits that he employed an old habit he hadn’t done in a while — the farmer’s wave. Hand on the steering wheel and fingers raised to acknowledge the person you’re passing by.

“Someone actually waved back,” Neldeberg said. “And that sparked and made me feel at home.”

That small town feel, as well as fiancee, led him to open his practice in town.

Neldeberg said he wants to help educate people on chiropractic and give them an opportunity to try it.

“I want it to be a beacon of hope and healing to the community as well as a safe space for anyone in the community,” Neldeberg said.

Recharge Chiropractic is located at 224 S. Main St., River Falls.