Sherri Glodowski and Beth Kirby know firsthand the impact their health and wellness club Rivertown Nutrition in Prescott can have.

Before they were owners, the two first started as customers at another club in Hudson.

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"We both got personal results," Kirby said.

Kirby lost 29 pounds, and Glodowski lost 67.

Those results sparked a passion to help others accomplish their goals and improve their health and nutrition.

Glodowski said she thought she had tried everything

"I'm like OK, I'm done. There's nothing I can do. Other people can do it, it's just not me," she said.

This path allows for the things that will come up, like birthdays or weddings, and that does not wreck the process. The simplicity of it fit well into her life, she said.

"There's got to be other people like me that feel like there's nothing that could work for them," she said. "I just wanted to help be that beacon of light and say yes there's other options."

Kirby's path was much the same. After seeing results herself, she wanted to help her friends and family get results as well.

"So that's where it started and it grew from there," she said.

Now they're doing just that with at their own location at 141 Broad St. in Prescott.

The two knew each other at the Hudson location, but did not know they were both looking to open their own location.

Glodowksi made a trip to Prescott to check out the area, and fell in love with it.

"I decided this is the spot that I wanted to go," Glodowski.

Then when she learned Kirby was also looking, the two decided to team up to open a place together. Kirby told Glodowski she was also looking at Prescott.

"OK, it's fate this has got to be what we do," Glodowski said.

Rivertown Nutrition's offerings are two-fold. The smoothie bar serves an aloe shot, an energy tea and a healthy meal shake for breakfast or lunch.

Kirby said the nutrition bar is a healthy, fast food alternative.

The club is constantly releasing new items, Globowski said.

"We didn't want to blow Prescott's mind right away," she said. "We have to sneak it out there in little intervals."

New additions will be announced through Rivertown Nutrition's Facebook and Instagram pages.

Asking what a favorite shake flavor is, is like asking her to pick a favorite child, Globowski said.

She has a special place in her heart for the Pina Colada, the first shake she had, but she also likes the Samoa Cookie and Banana Cream Pie. She's still working her way through the whole menu.

Kirby and Glodowski are also wellness coaches who help people reach goals in either weight loss, muscle gain or nutrition improvement. They lead body transformation challenges and will be starting some fitness classes.

The two are looking forward to helping the community be healthier, and providing them with a healthy option.

"We want our place to be seen as a great place to come and hang out," Globowski said. "Come get your shake, sit down and hang out for a while, laugh and have fun."