Wisconsinites are no stranger to the cold, but their resolve may be tested with the cryotherapy sessions provided by new Hudson business Body Revival Lounge.

A cool trend that has been increasing in popularity, cryotherapy, treatment using extreme cold generated from liquid nitrogen, has now found its way to Hudson, with the Lounge owned by Karla Kuehl at 1600 Maxwell Drive.

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Kuehl was first exposed to cryotherapy while working as a massage therapist. She was volunteered to try it in a clinic, and was initially nervous about the idea.

"You're expecting like the cold, the damp, cold out there," Kuehl said.

But after her first session, Kuehl loved it, and did it every day for a month.

"I was completely addicted," she said.

She became licensed for the cryotherapy, and for the use of liquid nitrogen, and opened her own place this month.

Body Revival Lounge offers full body cryotherapy, done in a chamber where the head remains above the enclosed space, as well as facial and localized cryo treatment.

Full-body cryotherapy sessions last 3 minutes, and temperatures can get down between -250 and -270 degrees, Kuehl said.

Kuehl said cryotherapy can help treat autoimmune diseases and rheumatoid arthritis, as well as other pain and inflammation. Other benefits, she said, include tightening of skin and weight loss, as the body burns calories to get back to its regular temperature.

Cryotherapy shocks the body, Kuehl said, triggering healing effects and rebooting every system.

"Cryotherapy works by shocking your body and making you think you're going into hypothermia," Kuehl said.

The therapy should not be done by people with blood disorders, diabetes, high blood pressure or heart issues, Kuehl said, and people should check with a doctor before undergoing it.

Kuehl also provides a infrared detox for people who are unable to do cryotherapy.

First time users can expect to be freezing cold, of course, during those three minutes, though the sensation is not as bad as an ice bath or being outdoors in a Midwest winter.

"It's a dry cold," Kuehl said of the freezing environment produced by the nitrogen gas.

The short minutes can drag by, especially in the last half, but Kuehl talks people through it, distracting them and counting down. She encourages people to try it out in groups, with friends, coworkers or teammates.

"It's such a fun team-building event," Kuehl said.

Offering these services in Hudson was a great fit for Kuehl, whose son is in the Hudson School District. The area is welcoming to small businesses, and Kuehl said she knew the community, which currently does not have any cryotherapy offerings, would have a clientele for it.

A grand opening for Body Revival Lounge will be Saturday, Nov. 17 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.