Hope Chiropractic was able to let the light back in again as it celebrated its reopening Thursday, Dec. 13 after two separate vehicles crashed into the building in a span of less than two months.

The practice stayed open through much of the work, closing for just two weeks for remodeling.

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"It feels wonderful to not be behind plywood anymore," said Dr. Carolyn Wanken, practice owner.

No one was injured in either crash, but Wanken and her staff were still left shaken by them. Wanken said they looked to the name of the practice, which was changed to Hope at the beginning of the year, to make it through.

"Trying to keep that hope, because that is our namesake now," Wanken said.

The practice was first struck on Friday, April 20 shortly after it had closed for the day. A vehicle crashed through the glass windows and into the then- empty waiting room.

Staff who were still at the practice at the time were not injured.

The practice was then behind plywood for about six weeks until a new window and door was installed on June. 5.

Then on Wednesday, June 6, a second vehicle struck the practice, this time on the other side of the storefront.

"They literally took the plywood and shifted it to the other side of the building," Wanken said.

This vehicle ran into the wall where reception desk is located. Staff member Kristin Heineman was sitting at the desk when the vehicle smashed into the wall near her. She was uninjured, but Wanken had to kick in the reception area door for Heineman to get out.

"We are just so grateful that nobody was hurt in the accidents, plural, including the drivers," Wanken said.

The front of the practice is now lined with bollards to protect from any future accidents.