Hudson entrepreneur and owner of TalentQ, Inc., Renee Frey, gathered up her expertise to offer job searching advice to those that shout "I Hate Mondays!" Due to a high demand for her coaching and job market expertise, Frey realized it was time to reach out to a wider audience in need of the step-by-step process for landing a perfect job.

"When I worked for a large corporation I dreamed about getting a new job and dreaded Monday mornings," Frey recalled. "It's my hope, that those who read my book are prompted to find work that they love to do, because I will be the first to tell you - it is awesome to love what you do!"

In Frey's book, readers are guided through each step to landing a job that will make them jump out of bed. In chapter one, the reader starts by clarifying their job needs. After readers become clear on their desires, they then move onto writing a resignation letter, creating a killer resume and LinkedIn profile, and end by perfecting the skills of networking, interviewing, submitting a resume, negotiating and accepting a job offer.

Throughout her 15-year career in recruiting, Frey has experienced the job searching process both personally and alongside others.

"Maybe you are working for a company that does not value you. Perhaps you have outgrown the company you are at and feel you deserve a promotion, but it never happens. Do not leave yourself forever stuck at a dead-end. Clearly, you are seeking something different. 'I Hate Mondays!' will help you pinpoint just what you should be seeking at your next job and the book's step-by-step process will ensure your job search is a success."

"I Hate Mondays!" is available for purchase through Amazon and at