Duluth Trading Company recently opened the doors to its long-awaited Woodbury Lakes location.

Store manager Maggie Chanthavong said the brand's catalog customers requested Woodbury for its newest location more than any other community.

A rapidly-developing community like Woodbury, Chanthavong said, offered the perfect opportunity for the Minnesota-based outdoor retailer's newest store.

"It's an absolutely gorgeous store and we have a wonderful location," Chanthavong said. "We're just excited to be able to bring all of our quirky, innovative and ingenious products that we sell to the customers here."

Staff welcomed the store's first customers Nov. 9 with caramel corn, coupons and an exhibition of lumberjack skills to honor the company's range of work and outdoor-centered products.

Among their signature products are the Longtail T-shirt, which features an additional three inches of length- "the cure for plumbers' butt," extra-tough Fire Hose workwear and the Buck Naked underwear line, which aims to reduce pinching and odor.

The company originated in its namesake city 28 years ago, when two dockworkers invented the Bucket Boss.

The portable tool carrier inspired an expansive range of outdoor and work gear sold in 28 stores across the country.

Duluth Trading Co. specializes in practical clothing, CEO Stephanie Pugliese said, "but really what we do is solve people's problems and hopefully make their lives just a little bit better with a jacket that keeps them warm or pants that are easy to wear."

Although they offer full clothing and accessory lines for men and women, Chanthavong said men in particular will find clothes that uniquely meet their needs.

She described one section of the store as "the Victoria's Secret of men's underwear."

"I don't know any other store that dedicates this much square footage to men's underwear," she said. "There's variety, it's not all the same thing."

Although Duluth Trading Company's distinct, high-quality inventory has generated a loyal customer base, Chanthavong said, their customer service sets them apart from other stores.

"We love our customers and our customers love us," she said. "We've got an incredible crew assembled here that's excited to share everything they know about our brand."

Located at 9320 Hudson Road, the store is open 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sundays.