The small town of Spring Valley has welcomed the owners and workers at A Butchery Shoppe into their community as the new business opened its doors Dec. 18.

A Butchery Shoppe is owned by Fadra Greene, Kevin Olson, Dale Volkert and Robert Kramer. Greene said they have already been well received in the community, calling response "great."

"The outpouring of support from this community and the surrounding communities this week [week of opening] has been amazing," Greene said. "Word travels fast in small towns and there is quite a buzz right now."

Starting their business in Spring Valley brought Olson back to where his parents started their meat shop. Greene said the "A" in A Butchery Shoppe is in honor of Olson's mom Audrey. Olson's parents started their meat shop in Spring Valley in 1978 and eventually moved the business to Woodville.

When the chance to start their own business in Spring Valley arose, Greene said she and the other partners decided the area was right for what they wanted to do.

"The opportunity arose when we heard the grocery store (Spring Valley Foods) was closing and we felt this community would be a perfect fit for the vision we had for the store," Greene said.

Offering customers a fresh, quality product is very important to A Butchery Shoppe. Greene said they want to provide "clean label" products for people to eat.

"Our line of smoked meats has no sodium nitrates added, we focus on carrying the freshest meats possible," Greene said. "We produce many products in our commercial kitchen and focus on clean label products for the rest of the items we carry."

Greene said they believe people should know what they are eating and carry clean label products for that reason.

"Clean label products, to us this means minimal ingredients, minimal processing," Greene said. "When we read the ingredient statements of a product they are words we know and can pronounce. We want people to know what they are eating and for the products to be clean of fillers and preservatives as much as possible."

In addition to their own products and clean label products, Greene said they will work with local producers.

"We carry locally made products, work with local egg producers as well as local dairies," Greene said.

Greene said they are already looking to the future and what other services they may be able to offer their customers.

"We have many ideas as the business grows," Greene said. "We would like to make sandwiches to sell out of our fresh meat case, have rotisserie products available daily, offer cooking, sausage making and various other classes as well as host farm to table dinners."

Bringing quality food and service to their customers is something Greene feels they are prepared to do with their previous experience.

Between Olson and Greene, who are involved in the day-to-day operations of A Butchery Shoppe, they have more than 50 years combined customer service experience. Greene said Olson has been in the meat business for more than 25 years and she has 11 years experience in the meat business. With their combined experience, Greene believes they are able to best serve their customers.

"We love to see our customers and interact with them to get a feel for their needs and wants," Greene said. "We enjoy encouraging and seeing the customers try new things outside of their comfort zones and we love to help our customers create memories with food."

Being part of the community and making an impact in the community is important for their business, Greene said.

"We hope that with the business model we set forth that the business is successful and meets the needs of the community and beyond for many years to come,' Greene said. "Really feeling like we are a part of the community."

A Butchery Shoppe is located at S422 McKay Ave. in Spring Valley.