Camping is one way many people relax and enjoy the Wisconsin weather and outdoors.

After six years of planning, John Grabrick (Big Dog Daddy), owner of Big Dog Daddy's Roadhouse in Bay City, has begun construction on Big Dog Daddy's Resort. The resort is approved for 42 campsites and 24 cabins. Grabrick said they will also be making a bathhouse and pavilion during the construction.

"We will be moving at fairly rapid speed to get the first 17 [campsites] in," Grabrick said. "Get online sometime in June if not before."

Of these first 17 campsites, Grabrick said 14 will be seasonal spots. The other three sites will be pull through transient sites.

Grabrick said he already has a waiting list of people who want campsites.

"It seems to be one of the only places that have [campsites], other places filled up," Grabrick said. "Concerts at [Treasure Island], people are calling to have places to stay during concerts."

Grabrick said having a campground with his bar just seemed to be a good choice; part of the reason he chose his location for the bar was because there was the space to put in a campground.

"Campgrounds and bars go hand in hand," Grabrick said. "If people want to come out and have fun they don't want to worry about DUIs."

While Grabrick said they are not a "biker bar," they do have a lot of motorcyclists that come out on the weekends.

"They like to ride and camp," Grabrick said. "We have some of most spectacular roads to ride on."

Oversized campsites will be featured because Grabrick said camping is more enjoyable for people when they aren't crammed into a tiny space next to someone else. He made sure their sites could accommodate the large 12-by-36 foot campers. Grabrick also said tents can be pitched on any of the campsites and until the cabins are built, tents can also be set up on the cabin sites.

The campground will allow pets as long as they are friendly, but dogs must not bark all the time.

"Not all campgrounds allow pets," Grabrick said. "But with a name like Big Dog Daddy we have to make sure we are pet friendly."

Since the campground already has a waiting list, Grabrick said people should call the bar at 715-792-2212 or they can message him on his Facebook page for availability.

In addition to the Roadhouse and Resort, Grabrick Big Dog Daddy's Charity is raising money so children in Pierce County can have a hot lunch at school. He said children who don't have money in their school account don't have the option to have hot lunch so his charity is starting a fund (right now with Ellsworth Community School District) where the school will be able to take money out of the fund and pay for a child's hot lunch.

"We will start with Ellsworth [and] if other [Pierce County] schools have issues, we can expand as we grow," Grabrick said.