After 12 years running her business from home, Lori Skutt is adjusting to having a physical location for her Onsite Apparel company.

Though it means she can't wear pajamas to work anymore, Skutt said opening the location at 214 Locust St. this summer gives customers a place to visit and shop.

"It's a lot easier for the customers, one, to find me and two, to know that I even exist," Skutt said.

The store offers apparel to purchase as well as screenprinting and embroidery. One of the biggest draws is the Hudson High School Raider gear, including a variety of hats, tees, sweatshirts and more. Skutt is a HHS graduate herself.

All the work is created onsite, as the name suggests. Skutt even took down a wall in her building so customers can see the machinery at work.

"We're doing it right here," Skutt said.

A single mom, Skutt first started the work as a hobby, but then began to rely on it for her income.

"We had three boys and I needed something flexible," she said.

Skutt's self-taught with all the machinery, learning as she goes.

"Blood, sweat and tears," Skutt said.

The company has changed over the years, and more than anything, it's grown.

"I just kept adding pieces of equipment as it grew," Skutt said.

Onsite still travels to set up for games or tournaments, in addition to the new store.

The switch to the physical location has been a transition for Skutt, but she said it's going great. She said she enjoys having a place to do her work, and then head home. Though that hasn't always shortened her work days.

Since the opening Skutt said she has seen a lot of support, especially from those who have done business with her before.

Skutt said she like the local feel, and is supporting other businesses in town as well.

The store is open Monday through Friday for now, but will have Saturday hours once school starts again.

Moving forward Skutt is looking to add more employees to the store.

"It's definitely growing already," she said.