Wisconsin shoppers will have the opportunity to buy certain items sales tax-free beginning Wednesday, Aug. 1, and ending at midnight Sunday, Aug. 5.

According to the Department of Revenue, items that will be sales tax-free include school supplies, clothing and computers and computer supplies.

However, there are exceptions for these items to be considered not taxable: Each clothing and school supply item must not exceed the sales price of $75, computers purchased for personal use must not exceed the sales price of $750 and school computer supplies must not exceed the sales price of $250.

School art supplies, textbooks, educational materials and clothing accessories such as belts and bags are still taxable.

Delivery charges are still part of the sales price and are not exempt during this holiday. Coupons and discounts available for items under the tax-free list may still be applied to reduce the item's sales price.

A categorized list of sales tax-free items is available online at http://revenue.wi.gov.