COTTAGE GROVE - Now wrapping up their fourth summer hosting weddings at the Historic John P. Furber Farm, Wayne and Angi Butt are planning more renovations that will provide more options for bridal parties.

The couple bought the property in 2010, and had their first weddings booked there in 2015. They haven't stopped changing things since.

The latest round of expansions focuses on the location for the "I do."

Angi Butt said they are working on four options for ceremony sites on the farm:

• Behind the barn, overlooking the valley

• In front of the barn, with the barn as the backdrop

• Near the treeline on the south end of the barn

• Inside the barn

"People love options," Butt said. "So we're going to give them what they want."

Wayne and Angi are also adding a second driveway to redirect traffic away from the event area, to keep drivers and pedestrians separated. As is, the driveway is also the drop off area to the barn.

"It's tight and a little dangerous," Butt said. "(The change is) so they're not crossing each other's paths."

Along with the new driveway, they plan to expand the parking lot a bit, including a bus staging area.

City Council approved the driveway at the Aug. 16 meeting.

What the future may hold

Always looking to grow, Angi Butt hinted at more possible opportunities to come, including the bed and breakfast they have been considering for a long time now.

Originally planning to renovate the historic Furber house, they are now considering building a new house on the site for couples to stay.

The farmhouse will still change though - on the outside. Angi Butt said they are hoping to try and make it look as close to the original as possible.

Historic preservation approvals for the house were complete back when they bought the property.

The first goal will be the building the new house, she said, with the updated - but vintage - exterior of the farmhouse coming next.