When you walk through the doors of Nostalgia, you're greeted with coffee, baked goods and smiling faces.

The welcoming atmosphere is exactly what owner Rebecca Gates wants for her vintage and antiques store at 1901 Ward Ave.

"It's about the experience, the nostalgia of it all," Gates said.

She wants the store to be a gathering place for people to catch up or reminisce.

"We enjoy people passing through just to look," she said.

The people are her favorite part of the business.

Gates and her husband Kelly owned Lakeland Antiques in Minnesota for 31 years. Then the library next door planned to expand, and they needed to find a new home for their business.

Hudson was an early choice. The two are Hudson residents already.

"I really wanted to look at Hudson because it's growing by leaps and bounds," Gates said.

Hudson, she said, is large enough to be a great host for a store, but small enough to develop a strong community.

"We've had such a warm welcome," Gates said.

With the new location, a new name was needed as well. Nostalgia, conveying love and affection for the past, was the perfect fit.

"As you walk through the store you see things that grandma had, that mom had, that you had as a kid and it really gives you that feeling," Gates said.

Gates first got into the business as a dealer. She went to a sale one day and came across an interesting piece of industrial machinery. She bought it for $5.

When she went home and researched it, she found the piece was an early model of a pencil sharpener. Its value - $1,400.

"Right then I was hooked," Gates said.

Over the years she found coins, stamps, paintings and two menorahs from 1800s Poland.

She started at Lakeland as a dealer, and then bought it.

There Gates had 30 dealers bringing items to the store. All of them followed her to the Hudson location, and she picked up several more as well, including a transportation specialist who worked as a pilot.

"We have a great group of people in here," Gates said. "They're like family."

The business is about rescuing lost things, she said.

"We know it has value and it shouldn't be lost in a box," Gates said. "And it's about preserving that for all of us."

Sale items change daily, Gates said, with dealers bringing in new stuff every day. Nostalgia has a little bit of everything, including vintage pottery, glass, art, furniture, rustic decor, advertising, breweryania, clothes and more. Gates said the focus is on vintage, and a good mix of antiques.

The concept of family extends beyond the dealers, to customers as well.

"We treat people like family when they come in here," Gates said.