With bright colors and an inviting aroma, My Buddy's Bakery welcomes everyone through its doors at 131 Carmichael Road. The new bakery is designed to be a friendly, welcoming place.

"Every buddy's a buddy," co-owner Adam Williamson said.

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The name honors longtime owner Buddy Longen.

Williamson and Longen were introduced through a mutual friend. The Bruegger's Bagels franchise that Longen had previously owned for 13 years was closing after corporate changes.

Longen wanted to see it continue as a business, so he and Williamson partnered up.

Williamson is an established chef that has previously worked with restaurants including Hudson's San Pedro's.

"He wanted to invest in me," Williamson said.

The two now run the place together, with Longen training Williamson as an owner. They've spent hundreds of hours together getting the bakery up and running.

"We've really gotten close over the last three months," Williamson said.

They both love people, food and having fun, and they've brought that into everything they do at Buddy's.

More than just good food, Williamson said Buddy's is also focused on brightening people's days. Customers receive extra attention, with a conversation about their day, a joke or something more to bring a smile to their faces.

"The atmosphere is something that's kind of dying these days," Willaimson said.

Williamson, who's lived in Hudson for 16 years, said he has wanted a bakery like Buddy's in town for some time.

Buddy's menu offers bagels made from dough from Long Island for an authentic New York bagel. The menu is also full of pastries, doughnuts, cakes, bagel sandwiches and more. It also includes gluten free options as well.

The most popular item on the menu is a turkey, raspberry and brie sandwich, while Williamson's favorite is the bacon ala bacon.

So far the doughnuts have been selling out every day, Williamson said.

"I couldn't have imagined it being such a popular thing," Williamson said.

Being located in Hudson, Williamson said they know people expect things to be top-notch. Williamson said he will make sure they deliver. The bakery will evolve over time as they receive feedback on what people want.

Owning their own store allows for more flexibility and control than a franchise, Williamson said.

"We want to do what people want us to do here," he said.

After a lot of work and sacrifice, Williamson said he is happy to see the bakery open and hear the great responses from people.

"We've really gotten a lot of support and a lot of love from the people around town," he said.

He's enjoyed meeting everybody that comes through the door, Williamson said. The set up of Buddy's is designed to encourage that interaction with the customer.

"That's a legacy that Buddy's really laid out," Williamson said of his co-owner.

Buddy's Bakery is all about bringing the same energy that Buddy the owner does, Williamson said.

"I think everybody knows who Buddy is," Williamson said. "I just want to honor him through doing this."