When Andrea Hanson was a teenager, she was frequently enjoying Red Wing's downtown splendor. She worked in multiple gift shops and had dreams of opening a store some day.

Now, that's a reality.

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Phileo Style, a women's boutique clothing store, has products for any age.

The business started online last January, operating out of her home. Hanson said she's never had a flare or particular interest in fashion trends, but has always loved finding affordable and unique clothing. So when it comes to the types of clothing she puts in her store, she remembers those two things.

"I honestly just go with my gut," Hanson said. "That's probably one of the most tedious parts of this job is just combing through all of the options, because there are millions of choices that I could order."

When customers come in, Hanson usually asks what brings them into the store. Maybe someone's looking for a dress for date night or something that's comfortable but also appropriate for work.

Hanson wants to present options that can please a wide swath of potential customers.

"I've had people from ages 6 to 96 buy something from me," Hanson said. "It's a wide range."

While the physical store location has changed with online shopping dominating people's buying habits, when it comes to clothes, it's nice to have a place where locals can still come and try stuff on.

"Clothing is still one of those things ... you just have to touch and feel and try on and look in the mirror before saying, 'Yeah, I want to keep this,'" Hanson said.

Before running Phileo Style, Hanson taught for 12 years. Always in the back of her mind, she felt like she needed to get back to her roots. She needed to be in a family-owned store again.

"I guess I just have the entrepreneurial spirit inside of me, honestly, just to show other people that they can do it too ... I had to kind of figure all this out on my own, but I enjoy that part of it, as scary as it is," Hanson said. "I think there's a lot of growth that happens."

For people who want to take that entrepreneurial plunge, Hanson says pushing the anxieties and fear of opening a business to the side and jumping into the deep end is worth it.

"It'll never feel like the right time, but if you feel a nudge you just need to do it," Hanson said. "You absolutely need to do it. You'll get to the end of your life and regret not trying it."

Phileo Style is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.

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Who: Andrea Hanson

What: Phileo Style clothing story

Where: 427 W. Third St., Red Wing

Phone: 651-800-2002

Editor's note: This story was updated April 25, 2019 with location and contact details.