PINE ISLAND - After his first year of growing industrial hemp at Willow's Keep Farm, Ted Galaty is selling CBD and hemp-related products at the Olde Pine Theatre.

Galaty, who owns both Willow's Keep Farm located south of Zumbrota and the Olde Pine Theatre, said he felt like his space in Pine Island could be utilized to sell his hemp-related products early in the year.

Unfortunately, Galaty isn't selling any products made from his own hemp crop, but hopes some day in the future he is able to do so.

For now, Galaty is selling a variety of CBD products including creams, drops, even gummies.

Cannabidiol, more commonly referred to as CBD, is an oil found in cannabis plants. CBD can commonly be confused with tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive part of the cannabis plant.

Galaty's products aren't meant to get people high. The products he sells come from hemp, which has high levels of CBD and low levels of THC. Marijuana on the other hand has low levels of CBD and can have varying levels of THC concentration.

Early on, CBD products would have a mixture of high levels of CBD and THC. Galaty said people don't want to use these products to get high, with parents buying these products for their children certainly not wanting that result.

Galaty said he had a customer buy CBD products for their young son, who has a lung condition. Galaty had another customer purchase his products after deciding to not take anymore medications for anxiety and depression. Galaty said they were able to find a dosage that helped the customer, without feeling overly lethargic.

"My thing is, I know this stuff can help people, it has the potential to help people and heal people," Galaty said. "It fits well with my model. We're growing. We're showing what we can do with industrial hemp. Now I've got the product where I can say, 'Hey, this is all CBD derived. It's coming from the industrial hemp plant. And it's got those possible healing benefits.'"

Being a hemp farmer, Galaty has a unique perspective that a chain store selling CBD products probably doesn't have. At Willow's Keep Farm, Galaty has a hemp maze that is parts family fun and educational.

Now that he's selling CBD products at the Olde Pine Theatre, he can continue to help people who may be subject to misinformation.

Galaty said he hopes to continue planting in the middle of May, hoping for a tall crop in late June.

For more information, visit the Willow's Keep, Olde Pine Theatre and Hemp Maze Minnesota Facebook pages.