The Nanocore corporation is growing and looking to expand.

This month Tammy Lee was hired as chief executive officer to help the company see that happen.

Nanocore, which has a Red Wing plant facility anchoring the Red Wing Mall, specializes in therapeutic cooling products.

The FDA-registered products range from assisting people with ankle, knee and foot pain to helping women going through menopause.

Lee, the previous president and CEO of Recombinetics, said the opportunity to join a company with products that help people who are ailing was exactly what she was looking for.

"As a female CEO, I'm always interested in products that can help other women live happier, healthier lives," Lee said.

Lee said their "one-of-a-kind" menopause product, called The Nanopause Cool Bolero, is used by women for one hour in the morning and at night to help reduce menopause symptoms.

Lee called Red Wing a "craftsman town," going on to say the people are "best in class when it comes to manufacturing." That's why she hopes to build Nanocore in the Red Wing community.

"We hope to scale really quickly as soon as we can get the additional equipment, which we've identified and are ready to order," Lee said.

The company intends to produce hundreds and even thousands of products in Red Wing, bringing on more employees as well. The company is also looking to raise $2.5 million in capital to ramp up production, Lee said. Hoping to continue to grow the Red Wing facility over the coming months and years.