FARMINGTON - If the eyes are the windows to the soul like William Shakespeare wrote, then a new business hopes to brighten the soul.

Aestheva Beauty opened this month inside Zen Nails at the Farmington Mall on Highway 3. Vicky Insixiengmay, 27, is an aesthetician who takes pleasure in making everyone feel beautiful. Her business offers facials, waxing services and eyelash extensions.

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She admitted the word "Aestheva" is made up. Insixiengmay wanted her business name to be creative and fun, but she is serious about the word's meaning as "a place where life is always beautiful."

"I have always been intrigued by the beauty industry and skin care. When I was younger I did not have the greatest skin," Insixiengmay said. "It always made me feel uncomfortable. When you are younger you just hide behind all the makeup, and as I have grown older I realized I needed to take care of my skin more to maintain beautiful skin."

Skin that is healthy is better because then a person feels confident and then their inner beauty can shine, she said.

Insixiengmay is a Rosemount native and graduate from Rosemount High School. Her parents immigrated to the United States from Laos in the 1980s along with her paternal grandparents. She decided to pursue a career in beauty and graduated from Aveda Institute in Minneapolis in 2015. She landed a job at a salon where she specialized in eyelash extensions and developed a talent for the precise, detailed work.

"Minnesota is getting a later start to eyelash extensions," Insixiengmay said, comparing the area to the west and east coasts makeup trends. "There are not so many places that are offering this in this area and in Farmington."

Eyelash extensions do not hurt as she applies a protective gel pack on the eyes' bottom eyelashes. She separates each individual lash and places an extension on each.

"The first initial process can take up to two hours because I need all that time to separate each individual lash," Insixiengmay said.

Customers can choose from three eyelash styles: classic, volumes and a hybrid in-between the classic and volumes eye lashes.

"Volumes are multiple lashes applied to your one lash and as you go up from the classic to the volumes, you gradually get a fuller look," Insixiengmay said.

Eyelash extensions can open up the eyes and make a person look more awake, she said.

"I like them because they make me look put together ... I have two little kids so my time to get ready in the morning is very limited, and having my lashes done if I have to run out somewhere, I feel like I am OK to go out in public," Insixiengmay added.

"I will also be doing lash lifts that is like perming your eyelashes," she said. Lash lifts use a carotene-based product. "We use a product to curl your lashes and that lasts between six to eight weeks and it stays curly and it is your natural lashes."

Aestheva Beauty also offers waxing and facials. Insixiengmay can give a 45-minute facial with a steam cleanse, face mask, toner serum and a moisturizer.

"I think everybody if you are a man or a woman you like to feel good about yourself, and what I like doing is making other people feel really good about themselves so taking that time for a few minutes or a couple hours for yourself so you can show yourself love," she said.

You can contact Aestheva at 651-604-7125 or visit