RIVER FALLS -- After nearly 50 years as Bo’s ‘N Mine, the location at 110 Main St., is getting a new start as Nutty Squirrel Sports Saloon.

The restaurant has been completely remodeled, with new walls, flooring, mechanical and electrical. Andrew Schmitz, who owned Bo’s ‘N Mine, said he had been wanting to do a remodel for a while.

“I waited for the right time,” he said.

The building was outdated and in need of repairs, Schmitz said. He didn’t want to do just small repairs to keep it running, but instead wanted to do a full-blown change. “And do it right,” he added.

People who walk in feel like they’re in a new place, he said. The ceilings have been opened to the rafters. TVs now line the wall around the bar -- 24 in total. A new theme encompasses the rustic, country look with wagon wheel chandeliers, fun props, new booths, a windmill and reclaimed wood beams from hundred-year old barn.

“It’s pretty much a brand new place,” Schmitz said.

A few things will be familiar. The old Bo’s ‘N Mine sign hangs in the arcade, paying homage to where it all started. A few other things from the bar have been kept as well, including glassware.

“We haven’t forgotten that it was Bo’s for many years, and want to have some of that incorporated,” Schmitz said.

The new name was a collaboration between management, staff and Schmitz’s family.

The new look comes with a new menu.

“The menu includes, salmon, steak, ribs, pasta dishes and gluten free options, as well as a unique drink menu. There’s also a Juicy Lucy that, with the help of new cooking equipment, is cooked from the top to the bottom, keeping the juices inside, Schmitz said.

“The kitchen is pretty much state of the art,” he said.

Nutty Squirrel also will be open Saturday and Sunday for breakfast starting at 8 a.m., with a menu featuring classic dishes as well as breakfast poutine, burritos and pizza.

Schmitz enjoys having the business in River Falls, saying the community does so much for it.

“They’re so supportive, the city is very supportive of the local businesses,” Schmitz said.

He’s looking forward to showing the new place to residents after four months of renovations. An opening is set for the beginning of September.

“We’re proud of it,” Schmitz said.