Settling into her office overlooking Broad Street and the river, new Prescott Chamber of Commerce Coordinator Casey Johnson is looking forward to taking new opportunities and meeting new people.

Johnson became a member of the chamber a couple of years ago when she started her meeting and event planning business.

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She moved to Prescott from Washington, D.C. four years ago after meeting her husband.

"A couple years into it I realized there is a good balance out here," she said. She still has connections to her D.C. world, but enjoys the small town life in Prescott.

Her skill sets and her interest in the community led her to get involved in chamber events. Then longtime coordinator Trisha Huber retired.

"It just sort of seemed like for me a natural fit," Johnson said.

Sarah Sieben initially took the position after Huber retired in April. Then Johnson was hired to the position at the beginning of July.

"I'm excited to sort of dig into this and see where we can implement some new programs and some new ways of thinking," Johnson said.

The chamber has a new and open board, and Johnson hopes to work on a refresh of what they're offering members.

"That's our main focus right now, is what is the value, how do we bring value to the membership," Johnson said, along with fundraising and bringing in new members.

Those two are always top goals, she said.

"We have a pretty good base of events," Johnson said.

Now she's seeing behind the scenes, and is looking for ways to enhance what's already being done. Johnson said she's looking to see if there are ways to be more inclusive to different types of businesses like small, home-based ones.

"Building that outreach and networking," she said.

She also wants to enhance fundraising means, so the responsibility falls less on members.

"The bigger the outreach, the more community involved, the bigger that pot so it's not always falling on a handful of members," Johnson said.

Johnson said she wants people to know Prescott is open for business. Areas are changing and new developments are coming in.

"It's a small community but I think there's quite a bit to offer," she said.

The town has a variety to help bring in boaters, bikers and tourists.

Johnson is looking forward to getting to know more people.

"I really do enjoy the networking side of it," she said.

The chamber has done a good job with that so far, but she said she sees opportunities to make more connections, and helping the businesses make those connections.

"Everytime I talk to somebody there's new ideas and things that, 'Oh, I'd love to see this happen,' or 'Have you ever thought of that?'" she said.

She's working to digest all of that input, and plan for new things.

"It all sounds exciting," she said.

Johnson said she is very interested in people's ideas and suggestions, and wants people to feel comfortable providing feedback.

"I do want people to know I'm approachable," she said.

For now, she's gearing up for Prescott Daze, and looking forward to new initiatives into the new year.