At 18-years-old, most people are probably finishing up high school and gearing up for college, or starting job that would boost them to higher positions. For Mike Harmon, he found his career.

Harmon, a Plum City native, has worked at Wieser Concrete near Plum City for the last 50 years. He started on June 2, 1969.

It was only a few miles from his home growing up and after taking the job, he has not looked back.

"Mike is one of the hardest working people I have ever met," said retired employee Denise Pelzel. "His vehicle was often the first vehicle in the parking lot at the start of the day and one of the last to leave at the end of the day."

Coworkers rave about his work ethic and kind nature, but Harmon himself has a down-to-earth demeanor.

Harmon has been tasked with many different jobs at Wieser Concrete over the years.

When he was first hired, Harmon did labor in the shop, but throughout the years was also tasked with running the mixer, running the loader in the yard, drove trucks for 15 years and has spent his last 25 years dispatching all the truckloads from the office.

Throughout this time, Harmon also met his wife and had three children. Fast forward and Harmon has grandchildren, one of whom shares a friendship with one of Pelzel's grandchildren. Despite his family responsibilities, Harmon has stayed reliable for the company.

"[Harmon] never stayed home from work in the winter," said the man who hired Harmon, Joe Wieser. "He just hopped on his snowmobile and drove on in."

During his years with the company, Harmon saw many changes and advancements in the company and industry.

The trucks were one thing that Harmon noticed big changes in. When he started, the trucks didn't have air conditioning, jake brakes or remote controls.

Harmon noticed other changes over the years, but they all had the same common theme of technology.

As with many companies over the past 50 years, Wieser Concrete has improved efficiency thanks to the advancement of technology and Harmon has had a first-class seat for all of it.

Most people change jobs a few times in their life or even switch careers, but Harmon didn't.

"You don't have to learn anything else," Harmon said laughing.

Fity years of experience can leave you with a lot of knowledge and great relationships with your coworkers. Pelzel reiterated multiple times how much he has cared for his friends and family.

Harmon's work took as much of a priority as his loved ones, and by all accounts, he's done a good job with both.

"We all are so proud of this accomplishment. It speaks volumes for the type of person that he is," said Yvonne Blodgett. "Dedicated and loyal throughout."