RIVER FALLS -- Curves has been in the community for almost 20 years, and new owners Monica Elliott and Michelle Calcagno plan to keep it going.

The two took over the fitness center located at 111 E Walnut St.in July, and had their grand reopening in October.

“We wanted to continue the legacy of Curves in River Falls,” Calcagno said.

Both Elliott and Calcagno had been members and workers of Curves. Elliott’s been around for four years, Calcagno for nine. When the opportunity to own came up, and the two tossed the idea before deciding to go for it.

Taking over was a long process. Curves required them to send in applications and videos, complete classwork and travel down to Waco for more classes. They learned a lot, Elliott said, and are taking another course now.

“It’s a constant learning and getting more information,” she said.

Curves in River Falls provides the circuit exercise the company is known for, a fast, safe workout that is also fun, Elliott said.

“The circuit does work,” Elliott said. “I’m a total testament to that.”

They also offer classes.

She and Calcagno are available to assist, and the first four days of each month are coaching days. They regularly check in on goals, whether that be weight or something else such as water intake or steps.

They want Curves to be a facility for women to get strong, Elliott said. They work with women across a range of ages. The localCurves has clients from 25 to 89.

“It doesn’t matter how old you are, it doesn’t matter what shape you’re in,” Calcagno said.

The members are the best part of the business, Elliott said. They come in ready and excited for a workout. Calcagno said she loves seeing how Curves impacts women’s lives.

“We have a lot of good stories to tell with members,” Elliott said.

From the 80-year-old woman who can do a plank, to the member who walked in with a walker and left without one.

“It’s just amazing, it’s amazing what they can do,” Elliott said.

It’s more than a place to workout, it has become a place of community.

“Curves is a community of women and the relationships we have built over the years has kept me going,” Calcagno said.

The two have seen a lot of support from members as they made the transition to owners.

They try to do something new as much as possible, from Ladies Night to Bras for a Cause, to keep members excited about being a part of Curves.

“I hope it continues just to build a strong place for women to come and workout,” Calcagno said. “I just want to keep building on what we’ve got.”