HUDSON, Wis. -- When Lindsey Robison started practicing yoga about 10 years ago, she knew it was something she wanted to eventually bring to other people.

She started doing yoga when she was in a dark place in her life, Robison said, and the community and the power of it was life-changing for her.

“I promised that was something I wanted to share with others,” she said.

Even while she was first going through her teaching training in 2015, she knew she wanted to open her own place. Now she’s achieved that goal with LIGHT HOUSE Yoga and Fitness, located at 1000 Pearson Drive.

She grew up in Hudson, and her heart is here, she said. “It was just a matter of when."

The studio offers a range of classes, from heated and unheated yoga to more fitness-based classes that focus on strength and conditioning with a yoga base. Robison said she wanted to make sure clients had options.

Classes are offered from about 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays, with more on Saturday mornings and Sundays as well.

LIGHT HOUSE has 16 instructors as well as Robison.

“A lot of what makes a business successful is the team that stands behind it,” she said.

Robison said she wants the studio to make yoga accessible and fun. Often yoga can have a stigma around it, that’s it’s only for a certain type of person or body type, but she said that’s not the case.

‘You don’t have to be anything, all you need to do is show up and amazing things can happen,” she said.

When she was initially teaching and practicing, Robison said she was finding that places didn’t feel authentic to her personally.

“Yoga is about feeling good,” she said.

She wanted a place that would provide beautiful classes that allow clients to access inner strength while also bringing in the athletic side as well. Clients can show up as they are, and feel good about it, she said.

“I believed so wholeheartedly in providing a space where people can come and feel at home,” she said.

The meaning of the studio can be found in the name itself. LIGHT HOUSE is intentionally separated into two words, Robison said. Light is strength, power, passion, and joy, she said. House is a community, a place to feel safe, a home.

“It encompasses everything I was hoping this place would be,” she said.

Since it opened two months ago, Robison said that has already begun to develop the sense of community she was hoping for.

“I love the community that’s already walking through our doors eight weeks in,” she said. “That's what lights me up.”

And she’s there to help others find what lights them up.

In a world where people are more connected than ever, and also unconnected, Robison said the studio is a place for people to feel that connection again. While many are turning to online videos for fitness, she emphasized the importance of brick and mortar.

“It’s so important to be in a space and come together,” she said.

When people come in, they’re chatting and introducing themselves.

“To me, that’s so special,” Robison said.