HASTINGS, Minn. —On a windy day as she was coming out of high school 24 years ago, Ericka Hakanson was hit in the face with her future — a flyer for the Center for a Balanced Life in West St. Paul.

Hakanson always knew that she wanted to work hands-on with people and help them heal.

“I am a natural healer and I’m very intuitive,” Hakanson said. “This is what I’m supposed to be doing with my life. It is my journey and it is my purpose.”

After bouncing around a few places, Hakanson started her own business in Inver Grove Heights 10 years ago. Last year, she moved her residence to Hastings and now it’s time for her business to move as well.

Pure Serenity Wellness Center is set to open in downtown Hastings on Jan. 1, 2020.

Currently, the space is undergoing construction. The center will have a salt room for halotherapy, which can help with breathing, sinus and other respiratory issues, according to Hakanson. In addition, the center also provides massage therapy, Reiki, yoga, sound healing and more.

Pure Serenity will not only be a place of relaxation, but also of education.

“I have taught sacred medicine classes, classes on crystals and the healing properties of crystals. We are also going to do Wine and Wisdom nights,” Hakanson said. “There will be a calendar of events that will be popping up. Every month it’ll be a little different.”

Hakanson also teaches others how to do Reiki, a form of energy healing.

“It’s healing mind, body and spirit. It helps remove any of the blocks that we might have in our chakras,” Hakanson said.

The experience, Hakanson said, can be very relaxing and meditative.

The Pure Serenity Wellness Center will be located at 202 Second St. E. More information can be found at pureserenitymn.com.