RIVER FALLS -- The focus of Coriander Living Collective is on a “life well lived.” That word -- living -- is important for owner Cori Hildebrandt because it goes beyond wellness of wellbeing.

“It’s all aspects of living, and how do we do that well? How do we have a life well lived?”

Coriander Living Collective opened at the beginning of September, offering telehealth counseling and mediation in both Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Hildebrandt was doing school-based work when the pandemic hit, and the new free time gave her an opportunity to explore this initiative.

Hildebrandt’s areas of interest include single incident, complex, attachment, developmental trauma, anxiety and panic, self-injurious and suicidal behavior, transitions, criminal justice system involvement, grief, teenagers, couples and parent coaching.

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Coriander offers three components. Currently Hildebrandt’s main focus is on psychotherapy and counseling. She’s open to taking on mediation and conflict resolution cases now, and will focus more on those down the road. She’s also planning on offering workshops and retreats, at least one a month.

The first ones will be outdoor movement workshops on Sept. 25 and Oct. 30, in conjunction with Inspiring Actions Studio.

She wants people to know that there are options out there for support if they are feeling that lack of motivation or hopelessness, especially as the winter season approached.

Therapy is not one size fits all, she said, and often takes an effort to find the right therapist.

“It’s important to find someone you connect with and feel safe with,” she said.

The ultimate goal for Hildebrandt is to develop a physical space -- a property that serves both as her home, as well as an office, studio and place for retreats that offers general wellness.

Between then and now, she envisions a next step of bringing in other practitioners, such as a nutritionist or life coach, into a shared space to offer a well-rounded experience.

From a young age, Hildebrandt always liked the idea of opening her own business.

“I’ m a big variety person, so I think that idea of doing a little marketing, and a little working with people, and a little accounting and all that, it makes sense,” she said.

Her career has jumped between the two aspects of her personality - her systematic, analytic side led her mortgage banking, and her emotional, curious side led her to roles like victim witness coordinator.

“I think in the therapy world the more life experience you have the more it enables you to connect with people,” she said.

She first was certified in mediation, and worked in conflict resolution, before going to graduate school for Adlerian therapy and counseling.

Hildebrandt was raised in River Falls, and has been back for about 10 years now.

“It showed me there’s nowhere else I’d like to be,” she said.

The telehealth setup allows her to help clients anywhere, but Pierce County especially is one area that is underserved, she said.

Since opening in September, Hildebrandt says the process has been nerve-wracking at times, but rewarding.

“The gratitude level is so high,” Hildebrandt said.

Learn more about offerings and upcoming workshops at her website corianderlivingcollective.com.