HUDSON -- The newly opened Ethos Performance is looking to build not only better athletes, but better all-around people.

Business partners Dan Teece and Nate Brine opened Ethos Performance, offering sports performance training and physical therapy for clients of all ages, at 110 First St.

They work with the student athlete population, from middle school up through the collegiate level. Teece said they saw an influx of training clients come in recently for small group setting training.

“As things started to open up in the summer a lot of kids and parents too were uneasy going back to some of the larger programs at the schools,” he said.

Ethos offers individualized programming depending on the sport.

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Their goal is to instill confidence with their patients, Teece said, both kids and adults.

“We want to build better people,” he said.

Teece and Brine both used to work in Hudson in the sports performance training, and built the Raider Elite program at Hudson High School. Back in 2016, they were approached by some parents, athletes and coaches who asked them to help with a group of athletes. They’d been running a program at a gym after their regular days jobs.

It was about six months ago that they decided to take the next step, and open their own location for Ethos.

The business is something Teece and Brine have been wanting to do for years. They both have experience in the clinical side, the administration side and the structural side of building the business.

“It just made sense for us to take this proverbial leap of faith and do it on our own,” Teece said.

With their past and connections with Hudson, opening shop in Hudson was an ideal fit.

Teece wants Ethos to be a resource for community members and businesses.

“We’ve been really fortunate to be given opportunity by others in this community, and we want nothing more but to be able to collaborate with some of the great people in this area,” he said.

The community expands beyond Hudson to Roberts, Hammond, Baldwin, Elmwood and more.

“Being a resource for those schools and those communities is a big part of what we do,” Teece said.

The two are enjoying the freedom of being independent business owners, Teece said. He enjoys that he can make his schedule work with his family, including being there a few times a week to get his kids on the bus.

Putting the hours in has been easy to do.

“When it’s your own product you just truly value it that much more,” he said.