CANNON FALLS, Minn. -- Suståne Natural Fertilizer, a manufacturer/exporter of organic slow-release fertilizers, has announced that the electrical power for their Cannon Falls facilities is 100% renewable energy, supplied by the Wellspring Renewable Energy Program from Dakota Electric Association.

“We manufacture natural and organic-based fertilizers which derive from recyclable and renewable agricultural byproducts,” said Craig Holden, company president.

In business since 1988, Suståne Natural Fertilizer strives to support sustainability and minimize the environmental impact, not only in the materials recycled, but in the products they manufacture and the way they manufacture them, according to Holden.

With that mission in mind, Holden said the switch to 100% renewable energy was “a natural fit, because we are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and do what we can in our own small way to mitigate the effects of human-caused climate change. Utilizing renewable wind energy to power our operations was something that fell directly within our core values.”

Wellspring Renewable Energy subscribers pay a slight premium to purchase wind energy for their facilities. As a partner in the Wellspring Renewable Energy program, Suståne will annually purchase approximately 2.3 million kilowatt-hours of wind-generated electricity, which is equivalent to the electricity used to power 279 homes for one year, or the equivalent of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by removing 351 vehicles from the road each year, according to Dakota Electric Association.

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Dakota Electric Association is a customer-owned, nonprofit utility that provides electricity to more than 109,000 members throughout Dakota County and portions of Goodhue, Rice, and Scott counties.

“Dakota Electric is thrilled to provide this renewable energy option to our large business members,” said Greg Miller, president and CEO of Dakota Electric Association. “Through Wellspring, Suståne has taken another big step in demonstrating its commitment to the environment, and we are happy to be part of this milestone achievement.”

Holden said that Dakota Electric buys its power from Great River Energy, a company that has pledged to go 100% renewable by phasing out its coal-fired plants and shifting to wind and solar-driven electric power.

“It fits into the broader scheme of things for companies like us to initiate the process a little bit quicker than to wait for the fossil fuel powered plants to phase out which will be over the next several years,” Holden said. “It’s the right thing to do.”