HUDSON -- Longtime Hudson resident Paul Moen was named one of the 2020 CFOs of the Year by Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal.

Moen, the CFO of Crown Bank was struck by receiving the award, and appreciative of being nominated by Crown Bank.

“That was gratifying to know the work I’ve done made a difference,” he said.

Moen joined Crown Bank in July 2019. He brought his profit management experience to the position, moving the company forward and developing an investment portfolio to enhance profitability, the company said.

He also enjoyed the chance to bring more stability and positivity to the work environment.

“I like to get to know people, I like to make work fun,” Moen said. “We all have a job to do, but I was able to use that skill that I’ve developed over the years of just being able to relate to people and trying to make a positive difference in their daily work life,” he said.

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Moen was in the position for less than a year when that daily work life was interrupted by the pandemic.

“We had to change our whole business model overnight,” he said. “Because lobbies and banks are closed now.”

He worked alongside staff to figure out who they would continue to serve customers, and the impact all of this would have on the bank’s profitability. Staff members are back working in the office, but the company has worked to ensure that many of them have the tools to work remotely if necessary.

Moen attended Luther College in Iowa for an accounting and economics degree. An internship in a bank in southwestern Minnesota his senior year, his first exposure to banking, led him to this career.

“Accounting has always been interesting to me, probably boring to other people, because I like working with numbers,” he said. “They aren’t the whole story about a financial statement, but they don’t lie.”

He had been working as a consultant when he was offered the job with Crown Bank, but it was a CFO position with First National Bank of Hudson that first brought him to Hudson in 1998.

“It’s been fun to be back in my home state, after all those years working out of state,” he said.

That position first kickstarted his involvement with the Hudson community that has continued long after it. He previously served on the YMCA in Hudson board and worked with the Hudson School District, which all three of his kids attended. Now Moen is a board member for Ciranda and also BRIDGE for Community Life.

“We all have time to give, it’s important to not just give for the sake of giving but giving back on things that you have a passion for,” he said. “If I have some ability to help an organization, by gosh I’m going to look that opportunity in the eye and say I think I can make a difference here.”