One day Ben Cattoor was waiting for a friend outside work at lunch time when he saw the same food delivery driver come five different times in a matter of 30 minutes.

So he thought it didn't make a whole lot of sense that those who work in the same building would have the same guy go back and forth.

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"All these people called individually a lot of times," he said.

Seeing a need for a more efficient food delivery service, the Woodbury man recently launched the website "Foodsby," which connects businesses with restaurants that don't typically deliver without a minimum number of orders involved.

"What if the restaurants were able to say we will be delivering at your building on this day at this time," Cattoor said, "and your meal would show up at the time the restaurant said they would be there."

Foodsby is starting off with restaurants that don't have delivery services to give consumers more options. Then partners Catooor and Parag Shah are hoping to go nationwide in the future.

The way it works is that Foodsby has a network of buildings that connects restaurants with those companies or businesses.

Each restaurant chooses which buildings they want to deliver to - they can go as close to or as far from their neighborhood as they want.

"There is enough people at that building that would probably want to eat from you," Cattoor said. "Inherently you end up delivering 10 to 20 meals."

Foodsby is currently focusing on the west side of the metro but will work its way into the east as the network grows.

The idea is to get restaurants that don't deliver to start seeing the potential in particular areas of interest.

"If a building comes up in Woodbury, then we're able to simply have restaurants begin to deliver there," Cattoor said.

Foodsby also lists the days and times restaurants are scheduled to be at a specific company so employees can order correspondingly.

Cattoor said Foodsby is also unique in that it doesn't pile up the minimum order and delivery fees that can be "kind of costly."

"The restaurant picks days and times they're willing to deliver and consumers simply place their order or they won't," he said.

But how does this benefit the consumer?

No minimum order and no tipping necessary, Cattoor said.

"Since we go after restaurants that don't normally deliver, all of a sudden you have access to more restaurants than you did before," he said.

Foodsby is all about one big network connecting restaurants with their food lovers.

"Now you can order from Qdoba where you weren't able to before," Cattoor said. "You have access to a whole new list of restaurants."