Perennial grains like Kernza are becoming more common in foods and beverages. There are a variety of businesses and products that feature the grain in Minnesota and across the county. The Land Use Institute lists numerous uses for Kernza perennial grain on its website:

  • Patagonia created "Long Root Pale Ale," the first beer to be distributed that is made with Kernza. Patagonia describes the ale as "crafted grapefruit hop flavor" with a "balanced maltiness" and a "dry, crisp finish."
  • Birchwood Cafe in Minneapolis features "Kernza Karamelitas," a dessert bar.
  • Bang Brewing in St. Paul makes and serves beverages with Kernza.

Companies outside of Minnesota that serve products made with Kernza include:

  • Avalanche Pizza in Athens, Ohio
  • Hopworks Urban Brewery in Portland, Ore.
  • Whole Foods in California