Eleven skilled southeastern Minnesota farmers devoted to soil health have been named as farmer-to-farmer consultants for 2020 by the Land Stewardship Project.

Each of the farmer-consultants is utilizing various innovative practices to increase soil organic matter and microbiology, improve water infiltration, stop erosion, store carbon in the soil, reduce input expenses, and increase profits and yields, and they’re willing to share their experience with others, according to Liana Nichols, coordinator of the farmer consulting program for the Land Stewardship Project.

“Learning directly from a farmer who has experience can save a lot of time and money, help your decision-making process, and clarify your next steps in making the on-farm changes you want to make,” she said.

Consultations can take place via telephone or in person, at a cafe or on-farm. The fee for consulting is $40 per hour (no charge for an initial 20-minute phone call) with a one-to-two-hour visit recommended.

“Our farmer-consultants are all actively farming and their time is valuable,” Nichols said. “We want to compensate them and respect the time they are taking out of their own operations to help others.”

Local consultants include Jon Luhman from Goodhue and Rich and Carolyn Young of Plainview.

To request a farmer-to-farmer consultation, contact Nichols at the Land Stewardship Project’s Lewiston office at 507-523-3366 or at lnichols@landstewardshipproject.org. A list of the consultants is available at www.landstewardshipproject.org/lspsoilbuilders/soilhealthconsultants.