ST. PAUL PARK - The refinery will be renamed again, back to a former one.

The St. Paul Park refinery and the rest of its parent company Andeavor was sold to Marathon Petroleum April 30 for over $23 billion. The deal includes Minnesota gas station chain SuperAmerica.

Since the turn of the century, the refinery has gone from ownership of Ashland to Marathon to Northern Tier to Western Refining, Andeavor and now back to Marathon. Andeavor owned the refinery since last June.

The St. Paul Park refinery will now be one of 16 owned by Marathon Petroleum. Marathon will be processing 3 million barrels a day, about 102,000 of which will be done in St. Paul Park.

The deal makes Marathon the biggest oil refinery in the U.S.

The logistics and marketing arm of the St. Paul Park refinery will also be under the new leadership.

Over 400 people are employed at the St. Paul Park refinery.