Since she was a child, Stormie Reiman always knew she wanted to help people.

She wasn't exactly sure how. Reiman started by studying psychology and criminal justice, and then physical therapy, but neither one of them were what she was looking for.

Then she made her way to chiropractic, and she knew she'd found the right fit. She earned her doctorate degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.

Now that she's found the right way to help people, she's opened her own practice to do it. At 1830 Webster St., Reiman's practice has been open for a month.

"I'm getting to meet some people and start developing those relationships," Reiman said.

After spending two years working at a practice in Red Wing, Reiman knew she wanted to find a similar community.

"I love the river towns, I love the smaller communities because that's kind of where I grew up in," she said. "I've been looking for quite awhile to see if there's somewhere that could fit my personality."

She found it here with her clinic in Hudson.

"It was kind of like, just perfect," Reiman said.

The transition into her own has been different for Reiman, as she takes on new responsibilities that she didn't previously have.

"I'm not just a doctor anymore, now I'm a business owner," Reiman said. "But it's been fun getting to learn all those new things."

Her favorite part, still, is helping people. Reiman said she enjoys meeting the new people that come into her office, and being able to assist them.

"I try really hard to make sure that I tailor whatever I'm doing with them to their needs and making sure that they're getting the best care."

Reiman said she works to get to know people individually, to see what they specifically need. "Everyone is different," Reiman said.

Reiman's looking forward to making more connections with other businesses as well.

As she continues to develop her and her practice's role in the community, Reiman plans to host workshops and wellness events to educate people on different ways to be healthier.

"I just want to make sure that I'm here to give people support and help them lead healthier lifestyles," she said.