Hudson residents Nathan and Jillian Newes-Opatz first met at Urban Olive and Vine, and have since spent many date nights there enjoying each other's company and the view of the historic building across from it.

The more they looked out at the 509 and 511 Second St. building, the two decided they wanted to own it.

"When he said, 'I really want that building,' I was like, whoa that's a good eye," Jillian said.

They finally had their chance this year, purchasing the building from former owner Thomas Rose.

The building is the first retail office building for the couple, who also own other buildings in Hudson, River Falls, New Richmond, Osceola and Taylors Falls.

"Some people like to collect clocks or collect chickens, we like to collect old historic buildings," said the Newes-Opatzes.

The couple complement each other well with running the buildings, providing what Jillian said is a necessary balance.

"One has to be organized and one has to be flexible," she said.

They each have their own focuses and strengths.

The two are excited to be a part of the atmosphere in downtown Hudson, Jillian said.

"Downtown is such a close knit community," Nathan said.

The buildings are home to a variety of businesses, 14 in total, with three open offices in the basement.

The two said they want to draw more attention to the businesses located there, some of which people may not know about.

"Look at it as a mall rather than just a building," Jillian said.

Rose had owned the building since 1997, at the start of Hudson's downtown revitalizations.

"It really brought everybody downtown," Rose said.

Rose did a lot of renovations to the building, focusing on bringing back the historical character of it.

"He just had a brilliant artistic eye. It's really cool what he's done with it, or what he's been able to do with it and still maintain the history," Jillian said.

Now she and Nathan are ready to keep it going.

They're turning a back room into a shared office and conference space, which will be open for use by the businesses in the building or by any business looking for rentable space for meetings or work groups.

They also want to work on landscaping, adding a veranda in the back open for use by the building's businesses.

"I'm excited to do the little things, but this building doesn't need much at all," Jillian said.

One other change will be the addition of a historical plaque, showcasing the building's history, and honoring Rose for his impact on it.