The longtime family-run Pedersen Auto Shop in Farmington has been bought by Impact Auto Repair.

Pedersen Auto operated the repair shop since the 1960s at its Third Street location. Generations of customers have relied on the service and repair of the long-time staff led by the father-son team of Roger and Doug Pedersen.

"We were able to make a deal and purchase it from him," said Jimi Brown, co-owner of Impact Auto that operates a shop at 3360 220th St. W., in Farmington.

"This second location will probably be our permanent home," added Impact Auto co-owner Scott Davids.

Impact Auto has been looking for another location for some time, Brown said, and they began talking with Doug Pedersen about the opportunity.

"The plan would be to hopefully put an addition on this building and we could get two or three more bays and then perhaps in a couple years we would move out of that location and have everybody be here at this location," Brown said.

For seven years, Impact Auto Repair has leased property at its 220th Street location.

"We want to control our own future and with a leased property you cannot do that," Brown said. "We just want more certainty in our future here."

Longtime Pedersen Auto lead mechanics, Scott Anderson and Mike Kylen will continue to be employed. The mechanics were able to meet and talk a week before Impact Auto closed the deal on the new property. Anderson has worked for Pedersen Auto since 1981, while Kylen has been a mechanic for 15 years.

The growth opportunity will be optimal for all involved with its large, loyal customer base.

"It is great and it gives us a definite future in this town having our own building, and since Farmington is where we started and where we want to stay, it seeded our future," Davids said. "Many customers know them and trust them (Anderson and Kylen) and that is very important to us."

There is always a demand for growth in the car repair business in the community.

"With Doug's loyal customers, it is good for them to know we are going to honor all of their warranty issues and we have all their records still and we want to carry on with them like Doug has treated them over all the years," Davids said.

Many longtime, loyal customers of Pedersen Auto continue to bring their cars in for repair and drive into town from White Bear Lake, Edina and the across the Twin Cities because they trust the auto repair work.

"When people find a place they can trust, it is huge and people will drive to always have that peace of mind," Davids said. "Since the 1960s, they have had a great thing going here and we want to keep their customers happy and we are happy to take over and keep that tradition going."