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Site of old St. Croixdale Hospital may be new assisted living

Hearth Development is looking into the possibility of tearing down the old St. Croixdale Hospital and building an Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care building. Sara Tischauser / RiverTown Multimedia

The old St. Croixdale Hospital building on Court Street in Prescott is once again being considered as the site for a new facility.

Greg Johnson, CEO of Hearth Development, in a letter to the City of Prescott dated Nov. 13 outlined his company's desire to make a 50-60 unit Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care building where the current St. Croixdale Hospital structure stands.

In the letter, Johnson said they had their structural engineers and architects look at the property, which his company has a purchase agreement to buy.

"Our structural engineers have processed the information and determined we would need to significantly reinforce the structure if it were to be kept," Johnson said in his letter.

After consideration, Johnson said they determined the best route for them would be to tear down the existing building. He presented a proposal from Kadlec Excavating Incorporated that said the cost of demolishing the existing building and foundation would be $193,700.

In his letter, Johnson asked if the city could help with the cost of this demolition.

"We are asking the City of Prescott to create a TIF district to offset the cost of the demolition work for this property," Johnson said in his letter.

Prescott City Administrator Jayne Brand said currently Prescott is at about 12 percent of its current assessed value for their current TIFs so they will not be able to create a TIF district for Johnson.

"The city can't currently create any more TIF districts," Brand said.

However, Brand did say the city is working with Johnson to see what other options the city may be able to provide. She said they are waiting for Johnson to provide them with what he feels the value of the project is to Prescott. Once he does this, Brand said the Prescott Finance Director can run some calculations to see if the city is able to provide any support for the demolition and if so to what extent that would be.