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Heritage of Elmwood getting closer to remodeling

Work on Heritage of Elmwood is expected to begin in about three weeks. Dolores Radtke, Heritage of Elmwood Board of Directors president, said they are just waiting for the project to be re-bid and for final state approval. File photo

Heritage of Elmwood is in the final stages of approval before remodeling of the municipal nursing home begins.

Dolores Radtke, Heritage of Elmwood Board of Directors president, said she expects remodeling to begin in about three weeks.

Radtke said they had made some minor changes to the original plan, such as moving a window or a wall for an office, so they needed to resend plans to the state for final approval. She also said since the bids for the project are a year old they have sent the project to be re-bid. Both the state bid approval and re-bid process shouldn't take more than a couple of weeks, Radtke said.

Radke said they met recently to discuss what to do with the possible assisted living scenario.

"We decided to make all available for nursing home [rooms]," Radtke said. "It could transfer to assisted living [in future]."

In order to prepare the rooms in the old memory care unit for possible future use as assisted living quarters, Radtke said they will be including the necessary remodels in the rooms such as sprinklers and locks on the doors.

"Not going ahead with assisted living right now," Radtke said. "We will add [what's] needed and could switch over [to assisted living] as needed."

Radtke said said these are minor costs (installing door locks and sprinklers for potential assisted living quarters) and will help them in the future if they decide to change some of the rooms to assisted living facilities.

"We'll start with the nursing home and will be able to switch to assisted living eventually if we want," Radtke said.

When this project started a year ago, Radtke had no idea how long the process would take.

"I didn't realize it would be such a process," Radtke said. "Right now we're just waiting for the bid to come through. Once the bid comes through we can start ordering [supplies] and get going [on construction.]"