People may have noticed a lot of work happening in the building that used to be Dean's Bar and Grill in Plum City. New owners are getting it ready for their new restaurant and bar.

Robin and Jeremy Kannel closed on the property at the end of February, and Jeremy said they actually started tearing things out in the middle of February.

The plan is for them to open Beaves, which will be a bar and restaurant. He said they will for sure be open by the third weekend in July, but hopefully they will be able to open sooner depending on state approval.

"We saw the need for another establishment to eat and dine at," Robin said. "Everyone wanted another eating place in town."

Todd Bjurquist, who is helping with the renovations of the building, said many in the area wanted to see the bar and restaurant reopen.

"It's oldest bar in town, a lot of people wanted to see [it] resurrected," Bjurquist said.

Jeremy said they are working hard to get the building fixed the way they want it.

"I knew there was a lot to be done," Jeremy said. "We gutted the entire building, short of the kitchen."

Dean's Bar and Grill closed on Sept. 30, 2017 and the building has been closed since then. The Kannels are updating everything before they reopen.

"Since it was closed down, we have to have everything back to state approval," Robin said. "And make everything handicap accessible."

Jeremy also said he likes a more open feel to the business and is working to create that.

"I want a more open concept," Jeremy said. "I've been pushing for as open as possible."

During the remodel, Robin joked that people in town have said they keep seeing everything coming out of the building but nothing going in. Robin admits they are about to get their seventh dumpster; they have been hauling out a lot of garbage.

As the remodeling continues, the Kannels are looking ahead to what they want their restaurant to include. Jeremy said will have lunch and nightly specials every day. Items they are planning to have (although maybe only on select nights) will be steak, broasted chicken and prime rib.

Robin said they have all new kitchen appliances in order to prepare for the expanded menu.

"It's more about quality of the food I want to focus on," Robin said. "Everything will be fresh."

Jeremy said they hope people will be able to come enjoy a quick lunch during the day once Beaves opens.

"Lunch is reasonable to be in, get food and out in half an hour," Jeremy said.

So far, Robin said, the community has been supportive of their new endeavor, located at 421 Main St., Plum City.