In their daily lives, women need a little dose of both grace and grit, Kendra Wiesemeyer said. That's what she's hoping to provide with her new store Grace and Grit on Second Street.

Wiesemeyer also owns The 715, the furnishings and home decor boutique located down the street.

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When the spot at 411 opened up, Wiesemeyer saw an opportunity.

"We thought it would be a nice addition to Second Street and to complement the other businesses that were already on the block," she said.

Wiesemeyer said she wants to provide a peaceful, welcoming environment.

"We're here to celebrate women and the lives they are living," she said.

The boutique features U.S.-made clothing and designer collections, jewelry from local artists, handbags, hats and more. Wiesemeyer said the new collections will be added seasonally.

She said they offer a wide range of price points and want to serve all ages and all sizes, so there's something for everyone.

"We offer clothing that empowers and makes women feel comfortable and confident," staff member Stacia Dove said.

That's how staff want women to feel when they walk out of the store. Wiesemeyer said she wants Grace and Grit to be a nonjudgmental, friendly environment.

"Give them a little skip back in their step," Wiesemeyer said.

Those familiar with The 715 will recognize faces from the first store's staff. Wiesemeyer said staff from both stores, along with her husband, Chris, helped with the project from the build outs to the merchandising.

Wiesemeyer had family in retail and explored many careers from realtor to home stager before finding her way to opening The 715, and then Grace and Grit.

"It's just the path of life," Wiesemeyer said.

Hudson gives Wiesemeyer the best of both worlds for her stores, with the beautiful town and great people.

"We get to come face to face with the community and be involved in this great town of Hudson," Wiesemeyer said.

Staff member Jill Hey said the best part of the shop is interacting with customers and helping them find what they need.

"We've been seeing a lot of customers that are really excited that they can now come down and shop for themselves," Wiesemeyer said.

Wiesemeyer said the shop is still evolving.

"We're listening to what women are telling us about the offerings and what they'd like to see," she said.

Visit Grace and Grit's website at