Gail Doblar and Roxanne Murray are no strangers to Prescott's business scene, or the building that now hosts their quilt shop Two Meandering Ladies at 220 Broad St.

The two started it all seven years ago with a long-arm for quilting. After building up orders, they built a connection with Char Glamm, who housed her quilt and gift business at 220.

"Slowly but surely we started to build a little clientele," Doblar said.


When Glamm left the space for one down the street, Doblar and Murray saw an opportunity.

"We decided we're here now," Doblar said.

Though the shop is new, the two have been friends since they started working together at 3M years ago.

"Almost forever," Murray said.

"We're best friends," Doblar added. "Kind of like an old married couple."

Owning their own quiltshop has been a lifelong dream for both of them.

"The opportunity just presented itself earlier this year so we jumped on it," Doblar said.

After some renovations when they acquired the building, Doblar and Murray opened Two Meandering Ladies in September.

The two share the responsibilities of the business, with Doblar managing the business aspects and Murray focusing on marketing and staging.

"You need both to run the shop so it works out," Murray said.

Now in addition to their longarm services, they also provide fabrics and other sewing items.

The two enjoy playing with the products they sell, and look forward to new fabric deliveries.

"We welcome the UPS loudly," Murray said.

They also like seeing the creativity of their customers.

"The quilts they bring in and the projects they're working on are just wonderful," Doblar said.

The two are more than willinging to help customers find what they need in the store, or order it if they don't have it.

"There's not a lot of things we say no to," Doblar said.

The two plan to continue to expand the shop, and will add classes in 2018.

"To teach young people to continue the art of quilting," Doblar said.

Meanwhile the two can be found in their own shop at last, welcoming customers with their name and candy, sometimes even on their day off.

"We're just thrilled to be here," Doblar said. "And we can't wait to see what our future holds."