As individuals, and as husband and wife, Autumn and Benjamin Onelove start each morning with a daily practice of grounding that focuses on forgiveness and seeing the wholeness in each other. As business partners and owners, they're looking to bring the same support here to the Hudson community and their clients.

"I'm here to be a guide on their healing journey," Autumn Onelove said. "A gentle guide."

Together the two are certified to offer massage therapy, personal training, meditation, reiki, sound healing, yoga, spiritual counseling that focuses on forgiveness and postpartum doula work. Their Onelove Healing Arts opened in March and has a studio space and healing room on 411 County Road UU.

Onelove meets people where they are, both geographically and spiritually. Whether the visit is at home or in the studio, the Oneloves said the sessions align with what the individual is comfortable with, whether that's staying focused on the science of the process or going deeper.

"We want them to feel comfortable," Autumn Onelove said. "They're always in control."

Autumn Onelove said she enjoys working with Benjamin Onelove and seeing what they can accomplish together.

"Carry out our vision together but also being able to be our own personal skills and strengths," Autumn Onelove.

Seeing the changes their clients undergo is one of the best parts of their jobs, both Autumn and Benjamin Onelove agree. They have seen clients cancel surgeries and have daily pain lessen. Together Benjamin Onelove said they work to relieve tensions both in people's bodies and in their minds.

"Being able to witness just the healing that's taking place from our different offerings," Autumn Onelove said.

The two never planned to live in Hudson, but a variety of different events, from their marriage to a trip to visit an uncle in Nicaragua, led them here.

"It was kind of a chain of fortunate events," Benjamin Onelove said.

Benjamin Onelove started working at a different location in Hudson, before the two decided to start their own business.

"Hudson grew on us," Autumn Onelove said. "It's kind of like the perfect balance of the city and up north and nature."

Now that they have found their way to Hudson, the Oneloves want to be a foundation of support for those who live here and visit them.

"I hope to cultivate the supportive, nourishing connective community here at Onelove for a safe space for people to be," Autumn Onelove said.