As New Richmond continues to grow, with new restaurants and businesses opening in every part of the city, Tiger Nutrition health club owners Trina Bleifus, Cory Rush and Josh Trotterchaud hope to educate the community on how to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

"New Richmond is expanding really fast and there are new restaurants opening up all the time, but there are no healthy options for people," Rush said. "We are here for the community. It is something for the community and we want to make the community healthy however we can. If there is something we can do for the community, we will probably do it.

"The first time is on us, so you might as well try it without spending any money."

The decision to open a health club, which offers weight management and wellness services, in New Richmond was made quickly, with the whole business being put together in less the three weeks. The health club, located at 228 Paperjack Drive in the Paperjack Plaza, opened May 14.

"Trina and I worked out of another nutrition club in River Falls. I contacted her one day on Facebook and asked if she would be interested in opening our own nutrition club and she said yes," Rush said. "It was the most lai- back business opening discussion of all time. We really enjoyed being there, but we wanted to build something of our own and leave our mark in a different time."

Although the club's windows are covered - due to club's guidelines - the store is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and most Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

"Our main goal is to get people healthy, whether they come into the store to use the smoothie bar, make shakes/smoothies at home, take the free fitness classes the store offers," said Bleifus, who lives in New Richmond and teaches in the New Richmond School District. "We just have fun here. And we like to team up with other businesses in the community or take part in any events that are going on when we can."

Tiger Nutrition offers memberships, which Rush said is a word that is taken lightly, since there are no monthly fees.

"The cool thing for me about the club is that all of our products are 100 percent tested. Every batch that comes out, if it doesn't come back at 100 percent every time, they throw the batch away. What the label says is what's in it," Trotterchaud said.

All of the Tiger Nutrition owners got into nutrition for different reasons.

For Bleifus, working out at the health club in River Falls was a way to lose weight. She eventually worked her way into the business side of the health club and wanted to bring a health and wellness option to New Richmond. A decision by Rush to skip the daily slice of pizza - while working at a pizza restaurant in River Falls - and grab a shake instead was the first step towards a healthier lifestyle. In Trotterchaud's case, getting into the health club business was more about his family than anything else.

"This job is a lot safer and more purposeful than security and bounty hunting, which is what I had been doing. For me the biggest part was my kids. I felt like I needed to do something that my kids could be proud of," Trotterchaud said.