When Connersville resident Tim Bonngard was forced to leave the truck driving business due to medical conditions, opening a gun shop was one of the first things that came to mind when he tried to think of what else he would like to do with his life.

"I've always played with guns. I've built ARs in the past and I've always been a hunter and a shooter. So I figured this would be a good avenue for me to go," Bonngard said. "The government agencies we had to go through to get all the licences and such made it a longer process to open the store. We started working toward opening the store in June of this year."

The fact that Twisted Arms - which is located at 335 N. Fourth St., Suite 2 in New Richmond - is a family-run business makes Bonngard proud.

"We are a family-run business. It is a nice atmosphere in the store. You will not be bothering me with any questions you might have about the guns or what we sell," Bonngard said. "I have three kids, along with me and my wife, who are all involved in the store in one way or another."

Although Bonngard lives in Connersville, New Richmond was the logical place for him to open his new store since the city had a need for such a business.

"Knowing that New Richmond didn't have a gun store made it an easier choice to open up a store here," Bonngard said. "Finding the space was easy, since the city was really helpful throughout the whole process. We like this location because it is quiet and just a good spot. That being said, it is sometimes hard for people to find the place since the address has us located at the end of the street, but our door is halfway down the building."

In addition to selling guns, Twisted Arms also takes trade-ins, consignments and buys guns outright. According to Bonngard, the store sells anything and everything that has to do with guns, from the weapons themselves to ammo. Whatever they don't have in stock can be ordered and arrive at the store in a couple of days.

"Getting the store up and running involved showing all of the suppliers my FFL number and provide them all the information they needed. Basically, you have to put the cash together to buy all the guns since none of the guns are on any terms," Bonngard said. "Later on, they will give me terms, but right now it is cash only."

Twisted Arms opened its doors toward the end of October and has had several people come through the store to check it out.

"Even though we've only been open a few weeks, we've had a lot of people come through and look at everything. People are amazed that there is a store in New Richmond now," Bonngard said. "We've had all good remarks, even when we stood on main street for Halloween we only had one person have a negative comment about guns."

Business hours for Twisted Arms are 9 a.m. to7 p.m. Monday through Friday and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Currently, the store has a Facebook page and will have a website going live in the near future.